Neabot Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum P1 Pro White Colour for Cats & Dogs Grooming
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  • 9000Pa Vacuuming Groomer
  • Quiet Mode for Calmness (Max Noise 75dBA)
  • Collects 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in
  • Removes 98.0% Shedding & Dander
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Portable Design
  • 5 Proven Grooming Tools
  • 1L Collection Bin




Trim hair at its best
The trimming tool will easily remove the excess fur that might be making them uncomfortable in the heat. And of course, the vacuum cleaner tidies as it goes, with nothing to clean up later.

Fitted to the Neabot P1 Pro is an extra-long extension hose that reaches up to 50 inches. The extra length provides a safe distance that ensures your pet feels comfortable, plus the soft hose is flexible to reach awkward places and it attaches to all Neabot P1 Pro accessories.
Captures 99% loose hair
Powerful suction 9000Pa that removes 99% biowastes, including dust, mites, hair, fur, allergens, With your Neabot P1 Pro in hand, you’ll feel like a professional. You can brush and clip, untangle and de-shed, removing malting fur, dust, and dirt quickly and easily and with the built-in vacuum cleaner, every last bit of debris is sucked up without ever touching the floor!

P1 has powerful suction that captures 99% loose hair, removes loose fur from your pet directly into the vacuum.  easily stopping them from spreading around the home. Removes allergens, dead skin cells, unhealthy hair/fur and even dander and dust are captured with vacuuming. 
P1 reduces pet biowastes like danders on fur coat that creates odors by using vacuuming with powerful suction and uses filters to trap and eliminate particles in the grooming process. 
HEPA filtering plus optimized circulation design
Thanks to the 180° air inlet and a top air outlet, Neabot P1 absorbs pollutants, while outputting clean fresh air.
1L Collection Bin
When you want to empty the vacuum cleaner container, simply hold it over the rubbish bin, press the quick-release button and it’s gone! Collecting bin 1 button/trigger easy to release. No more hassle to open the case and touch the dirty waste. 


4 guidance Combs for more precise trimming

Weekly De-shed
With De-shedding, it draws out natural oils produced by dog’s skin and fur, that prevents painful matting and hot spots.


With matting and hot spots now all taken care of, you’ll know your pet is more comfortable and your family is clear of pet fur.


Easily remove heavy undercoat
The brush itself has thin metal bristles that are comfortable for your pet and designed to brush out all the loose hair. It works particularly well on medium to long-haired dogs and cats.

Quick release button
The button on the Neabot P1 Pro brush is an easy-to-push wide bar so it’s simple to press and release the hair from the vacuum canister.


Brush dirt away
Coming back home from a nice walk? Take a moment to wash your hands before making a mess at home.


Keep's spot vacuumed
If you have an active pet or one who spends a lot of time on your sofa, you can tidy up at any time using the vacuum cleaner function. 


Electric Clippers

Groominng Brush
Deshedding Tool



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What's in the box
  • Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum x1
  • User Guide
  • Accessories: Hose, Grooming Brush, Cleaning Brush, De-Shade Brush, Electric Clipper, Nozzle Head, Clipping Comb (6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm)